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AirTest Technologies
to AirTest
Fixed Mount Gas
Detectors & Monitors

to Aitken
Flow Metering & Conditioning

Apollo Engineering Co.
to Apollo Engineering
Filters & Strainers

to Böhmer
Fully Welded
Trunnion Ball Valves

CCI Thermal Technologies
to CCI Thermal Technologies
Infrared Heaters

to Glasforms
Utility Markers
Test Stations

IMAC Systems
to IMAC Systems
Gas Meters
& Accessories

Integrity Fusion Products
to Integrity Fusion
HDPE Pipe & Fittings

to MadgeTech
Data Loggers

OGI Process Equipment
to OGI Process Equipment
Process Heaters
Glycol Dehy Units

Palmer-Wahl Instrumentation Group
to Palmer-Wahl
Pressure, Temperature & Atmospheric
Gauges & Instruments

Sealweld Corp.
to Sealweld
Valve Maintenance Products

Sensit Technologies
to Sensit Technologies
Portable Gas
Detectors & Monitors

to Sigma-Netics
Pressure Switches

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